Strategic Fiber

Metro-optic will deploy and manage private,   tailor built, fiber networks, enabling Carriers and Enterprise and Institutional customers to develop a solution that fits their requirement and goals.

  • Dark Fiber – Limitless Dark Fiber possibilities (private fiber).
  • Wave Service.
  • Layer 2 & 3 Connectivity 10Mbps – 100 Mbps – 1 GigE – 10GbE  – 40GbE Local Loops.
  • IP transit.
  • Access to Major Regional Datacentres and Local Peering Point (RISQ,QiX,Torix).

Global Interconnection Reach

  • Globally cross-connect with 30 and more domestic, regional and international carriers.
  • Connect to exchanges and optimize low latency routes.
  • Industry leading pricing model.
  • Cross connect with major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Access to QIX and TORIX.
  • Robust inter-connection utilities (AC&DC power plants).
  • Seven separate fiber entrances through 2 diverse meet-me-rooms.
  • Carrier neutral facility.
  • Industry leading latency serving financial markets.
  • Strategically located in the heart of Montreal, where the train tracks and fiber lands.
  • Strategically located in North America with low-latency access to NY-VA and EU routes and direct submarine cable path.

Stairways to the Cloud

An interconnection community where major network and cloud providers meet enterprise customers and key locations. Gain automatic access to major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.

  • Easy access with a simple virtual cross-connect.
  • Direct and private fiber access to Enterprise.
  • Direct and private access to cloud providers.
  • Industry leading pricing model.
  • Access to Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other clouds privileges routes.
  • Access to major leading content and platform providers.
  • Access to major “Voice-In-The-Cloud” providers with Quality-of-service support.

Multi-homed Internet

Take advantage of our multi-homed Internet transit. For optimum flexibility, redundancy and reliability, Metro Optic gives you multiple Tier1 providers, yielding optimal connectivity using BGP and local peering.

  • BGP with 4 or more Tier1 providers.
  • Guaranteed access.
  • BGP4 Protocol.
  • 10/100Mbps/1 Gig/  and 10 Gig access possibilities.
  • Available with a simple cross-connect in the interconnection center.

Colocation/Interconnection Center

We provide a strategically located interconnection center:

  • In the heart of downtown Montreal.
  • Highest fiber diversity & AC/DC power plants.
  • Powered by 2 different grids and on the 1st level of critical infrastructure response because of the railway.
  • 7 separate fiber entrances through 2 diverse meet-me-rooms.
  • 10 kilometres exclusive conduit facility.
  • Dual DC plant, 500 Kva capacity.
  • A/B AC power on dual UPS.
  • Physical & Virtual Cross connect with major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Dark fiber availability to major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.
  • Flexible design options to meet client requirements (i.e. N+1 and 2N) and expansion needs.
  • 100% Canadian-controlled operation & ownership – mitigates cross-border regulatory and privacy intrusion risk.

Connect with Metro Optic

Metro Optic delivers lightning speed access to millions of eyeballs, thousands of high-speed national and international fiber routes, hundreds of eco-system partners, and proven facilities to host their mission critical applications.

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