We had to select a strategic location to deliver our services to the North-American market. 875 Saint-Antoine in Montreal provided very low-latency redundant routes, a vast interconnect eco-system and a politically neutral location that fit our requirements perfectly.

European Service Provider in the Financial Vertical

METRO OPTIC is an independent provider of interconnect solutions. We deliver strategic value to our customers in many ways. For example, by delivering access to high capacity national routes and reaching millions of eyeballs through our content and service provider partners; we offer enterprise and carrier-class facilities to host mission critical applications and will work with our customers to design tailor-made infrastructure solutions that fit their requirements.

Global interconnection partners



Private, secure, high-capacity, neutral access for all your data interconnection needs. MetroIX is your gateway to a community of trusted IT infrastructure partners. More ›

Strategic Fiber

We OWN and OPERATE a private high-speed metro fiber network that inter-connects with all major Canadian and the majority of large U.S. and international carriers. We will work with our customer to design,build,operate, and manage private dark fiber networks. More ›

Global Interconnection Reach

Through our interconnection Center, gain access to 30+ domestic, regional and international carriers. And the list is growing. More ›

Multi-homed Internet

Take advantage of our multi-homed Internet transit. For optimum flexibility, redundancy and reliability, Metro Optic gives you multiple Tier1 providers, yielding optimal connectivity using BGP and local peering. More ›

Colocation/Interconnection Center

Co-locate in the densest fiber optic entry point facility and be connected to other leading regional data centers. More ›

Who we serve

Enterprises and Institutional Customers

Empower the growth of your business with tailor made connectivity and Colocation solutions, or get direct connection to your preferred network and cloud provider… More ›

Wholesale Telecommunications Providers

Carriers and ISPs benefit from a fiber dense interconnection center with connectivity to ALL major data centers in Montreal and Toronto... More ›

Cloud Providers

Affordably deploy and scale your infrastructure, gain access to customers, reach partners and grow your business in our leading cloud community... More ›

Connect with Metro Optic

Metro Optic provides strategic value to our customers in the US and Europe by delivering access to high-speed national and international fiber routes and access to all major datacenters in Canada and beyond.

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Montreal : +1 514-316-1037
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