About us

Metro Optic Inc. is wholly owned by Exelerence Holdings Inc., an investment holding company focused on the internet infrastructure industry, and in particular on fiber-optic networks and services, and enterprise datacenters. Exelerence also operates datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.

We believe that our deep experience in operating fiber networks AND enterprise-class datacenters is critical to delivering integrated, world-class solutions to the ever increasing demands of our customers. Our industry holdings are managed by an integrated executive team with significant operating experience serving a global customer base in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Metro Optic’s financial partner is Tandem Expansion Fund, one of Canada’s leading technology focused private equity firms.


1080 Beaver Hall, Suite 1620
Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1S8

Montreal : +1 514-316-1037
Toronto : +1 416-613-3610

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