Extremely reliable and scalable networks

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We draw on our local knowledge and technical expertise to design and operate extremely reliable and scalable networks. Our business expertise is focused on delivering on mutual business objectives and creating the right commercial partnership to support those.

Our Edge

  • CUSTOM MADE SOLUTIONS for you: As a team, we design & develop high capacity network solutions together, leveraging existing networks and/or building new routes.

  • Turn-key network solutions for dark and lit services

  • Access to and extension of existing routes for dark and lit services

  • Presence at all important datacenters and inter-connection sites in Montreal & Toronto

  • Joint Development of strategic objectives: capacity, diversity, access to DCs and Public Clouds, etc.

  • Joint Development of financial partnership model

  • General Contractor for the custom-build of the route

  • Detailed technical review of solution/project with the depth

Our Customers

  • Global internet companies
  • Federal and provincial government entities
  • Enterprises of all sizes