Launch Announcement: Metro Optic to Offer Telia Carrier’s Global Cloud Connect Service in Canada

Metro Optic to Offer Telia Carrier’s Global Cloud Connect Service in Canada from Montreal and Toronto

Metro Optic is excited to offer access to Telia Carrier Cloud Connect from its datacenters in Montreal and in Toronto either through direct-connects or its own interconnection fabric MetroIX. Metro Optic’s high capacity datacentre-to-datacenter fiber network further extends Telia Carrier’s reach into leading large-scale datacenters, critical interconnection points and enterprise locations in Canada.

Telia Carrier’s Cloud Connect service enables customers to connect directly to major cloud service providers including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. The service offers carrier grade performance, reliability and security for cloud users by connecting to major cloud service providers directly over Telia’s extensive private network of over 150 global PoPs (Points of Presence).

“This is direct, dedicated connectivity to the cloud, globally, completely bypassing the public internet,” says Stephen Hartman, Head of Sales, North America at Telia Carrier. “The service means increased performance and security for customers needing to access the cloud. Our partnership with Metro Optic creates a unique Cloud Connect offering for Canadian customers and we’re excited to bring our customer-centric approach to this market.”

“We are excited to offer our customers Telia Carrier’s Cloud Connect not just for its vast global reach but also for the extreme reliability of its highly engineered global internet backbone,” said Michael Bucheit, Chief Executive Officer at Metro Optic. “Customers will be able to connect to major cloud service providers with confidence that is backed by best-in-class network performance, strong SLAs, transparent and flexible pricing models – just what you expect from the #1 global IP backbone provider.”


About Metro Optic
Metro Optic is Canada’s largest independent, carrier-neutral operator of high-capacity fiber networks and carrier-dense interconnection and colocation facilities. The company offers dark and lit fiber solutions to medium and large sized businesses, telecom carriers, cloud operators, wholesalers and datacenter operators. The Metro Optic network reaches critical corporate and wholesale datacenters and interconnection locations in the greater Montreal and Toronto areas.

Under the I.C.E Datacenters brand (, Metro Optic operates multiple carrier-neutral, fiber- and provider-dense interconnection datacenters in Canada. These include leading interconnection sites in downtown Montreal and in Markham (Toronto). Metro Optic is a leading player for digital growth in Canada. For more information visit

About Telia Carrier

Telia Carrier owns and operates one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones. Telia Carrier is the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America and was also the first network to successfully transmit 1 Tb/s in super channels on its U.S. network. According to Dyn Research’s global backbone rankings, Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone AS1299, is currently ranked as number one. Telia Carrier’s rapid growth and ascension through the rankings was highlighted in Dyn’s ‘‘Baker’s Dozen’ report”. The company enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 230 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, including more than 80 PoPs in North America alone.

Learn more about Telia Carrier by visiting our website at and follow our news and developments @TeliaCarrier.

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