Metro Optic Media Coverage

Metro Optic has been getting a lot of media coverage lately!

Over at Capre Media, you can read our CEO, Michael Bucheit, comparing and contrasting the Canadian data centre markets. On the Metro Optic data center in Montreal, Michael says: “We are in the fiber-densest site, which is at the end of the tracks in Montreal. That’s where the fiber was laid initially. So we have thirty-five providers there, plus all of the cloud platforms. Because we can get people the lowest latency there, but also help them interconnect to the enterprise data centre market. Which is really driven largely by wholesale in Montreal.”

Regarding our sister company, I.C.E Datacenters, based in the Toronto suburb of Markham, Michael says: “Toronto will continue to be the commercial hub of Canada, and is proving itself to be that, day in and day out. So for us to be present with enterprise customers – that’s the reason why we are here.”

In September, around 30 participants attended the 2017 Information Technology Managers CIO Summit. Direction informatique (French only) covered the summit . You also can head over to IT World Canada to see photo highlights of the retreat weekend.

And lastly, Capacity Media covered the recent launch of Metro IX, an interconnection platform hosted at Metro Optic’s carrier-neutral data centre in downtown Montreal. Commenting on the launch, Daniel Legault, president of Metro Optic, said: “Through a simple port, our customers can access critical IT and cloud services without touching the public internet. This dramatically enhances reliability, security and the cost of doing business globally.”


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