Press Release: Metro Optic launches MetroIX, a high-capacity global interconnection platform in Montreal and Toronto


Metro Optic launches MetroIX, a high-capacity global interconnection platform in Montreal and Toronto
MONTREAL (Quebec), November 1, 2017

METRO OPTIC, a provider of high-speed fiber optic networks, is proud to launch MetroIX, a private & secure, high-capacity interconnection platform hosted at Metro Optic’s carrier-neutral datacenter in downtown Montreal. Via dedicated 10-Gig ports, MetroIX provides its customers high-capacity, private access to a secure community of carriers, public and private cloud providers, exchanges, and a variety of IT Infrastructure providers. Customers can automatically connect securely to any Community Member through the online MetroIX portal, select the desired service from the Member and initiate the service delivery.

MetroIX is a provider-neutral interconnection platform that strives to offer its customers access to best-in-class providers, the MetroIX Members. Member services range from simple connectivity (10Meg-10Gig links), to Internet (IP transit), Cloud access (private & public), backup services, DDoS protection, hosted applications (productivity suites), VoIP, and many more.

Metro Optic also offers access to MetroIX on dedicated fiber to corporate and third-party datacenters in the Montreal and Toronto areas.

“Through a simple port, our customers can access critical IT and cloud services without touching the public internet. This dramatically enhances reliability, security and the cost of doing business globally,” said Daniel Legault, President of Metro Optic.

“MetroIX is a fantastic platform to connect to a multitude of carriers and enterprise customers to deliver our voice and data services. Without the cost and complexity of deploying fiber we save significant time and money and the customer is impressed from the start,” says François Gingras, Senior Account Manager at ThinkTel, a leading Canadian provider of enterprise voice and data solutions.

About Metro Optic ( METRO OPTIC is an independent provider of datacenter-neutral high-speed fiber network solutions. Since its inception, Metro Optic offers specialized telecommunications services and solutions to medium and large sized businesses, telecom carriers, cloud operators, wholesalers and datacenter operators. Its carrier-neutral datacenter at 875 Saint-Antoine is the fiber-densest interconnection center in Montreal.

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