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Enterprises and Institutional Customers

Metro Optic empowers and facilitates your business growth. We “connect” you reliably to where you need to go….to your offices, datacenters, your client locations, to your suppliers, etc..

We provide you with higher speed private, direct connections to your local community as well as to major business centers in North America and Europe.

We are dedicated to providing your business with tailor made connectivity and colocation solutions.

Enterprise and Institutional offerings include:

Dark Fiber & Connectivity Solutions

  • Manage and control your private network with our limitless speed and bandwidth dedicated to you.
  • Lan-extension and Ethernet Services: 10Mbps to 100GbE and DWDM
  • Ethernet connectivity across Metro Optic’s private managed network operated with dedicated fiber and equipment.
  • Flexible network topologies, including point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint.

Interconnection Community

An interconnection community where major network and cloud providers meet enterprise customers and key locations. Gain automatic access to major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto.

  • Easy access with a simple virtual cross-connect.
  • Direct and private fiber access to Enterprise.
  • Direct and private access to cloud providers.
  • Industry leading pricing model.
  • Access to Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other clouds privileges routes
  • Access to major leading content and platform providers.
  • Access to major “Voice-In-The-Cloud” providers with Quality-of-service support

Multi-Homed Internet Access

High-performance Internet Access for Enterprise & Institutional Customers. To provide you with flexibility, redundancy, and reliability, Metro Optic gives you unique access to leading national and international Tier1 providers. Benefit from industry-leading connectivity and the highest connection reliability available.


  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Stability through multiple tier-1 providers
  • Redundant Access Configurations with Managed Routers
    10Mbps to 100Gbps Capacity


Wholesale Telecommunications Providers

Metro Optic allow carriers and ISPs to benefit from a fiber dense interconnection center with affordable cross connects, dark fiber and lit services and access to the major datacenter access in Montreal and Toronto.

Through our interconnection Center, Get access to 30+ domestic, regional and international carriers.

Access our interconnection community  where major network and cloud providers meet enterprise customers and key locations.  Gain automatic access to major datacenters in Montreal and Toronto

Cloud Providers

Access multiple carriers and ISPs on private networks. Access all community members including major content and platform providers, VOIP providers and a vast array of enterprise and institutional users on a network with guaranteed quality and bandwidth.

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Metro Optic provides strategic value to our customers in the US and Europe by delivering access to high-speed national and international fiber routes and access to all major data centers in Canada and beyond.

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